Xiaomi sensor

Many of the latest smartphones released by Xiaomi are experiencing certain issues with their proximity sensors. The reason for this is that these phones have a proximity sensor inside. However, the functionality of this sensor can be increased and corrected via software.

To give an example of a phone that has this sensor problem, we can give the POCO F3 model. The device, which is a very stylish smartphone with an excellent quality and price ratio, unfortunately gave all its owners a headache due to the proximity sensor malfunctions.

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Xiaomi is parting ways with the sensor manufacturer!
Xiaomi wants to take the first step to prevent this from happening again on new mobile phones. Although Xiaomi is already working on a solution for this important malfunction, it wants to take the right step to prevent this problem from happening again in its next smartphones and is parting ways with Elliptic Labs, the current developer of the sensors.
The new name Xiaomi will trust is proximity sensor developer Minghao Sensing. This change will allow them to re-add proximity sensors to their smartphones in a quality way.

Even so, it is unknown which upcoming Xiaomi model will use Minghao Sensing’s proximity sensors. What is clear is that this problem will be completely resolved in future generations and this problem will not occur again.

After this decision of Xiaomi, it can eliminate a big problem that has been voiced by users. Thus, users who have been offended so far can return in the future.



Although VPN applications provide security and privacy, unfortunately, in today’s internet world, we can face many risks when using VPNs. Free VPN services are at the forefront of these dangers. Xiaomi

From the moment you connect to a VPN server, you allow that server to manage your internet connection for you. Because the communication is encrypted up to the server and there is no security measure after the server. Naturally, people accessing the server can manage your internet connection as they wish or direct you. You should not forget that many VPN providers published under the name free record your internet traffic and use this information for commercial or intelligence purposes. At the same time, do not forget that the VPN server you are connected to is operated in accordance with the laws of that country, depending on the laws of that country. On the other hand, you should not forget that they can direct you by interfering with your internet traffic. You should not forget that many VPN service providers, which provide paid services, keep your traffic and DNS records under record, even if they provide security and privacy. red bet tips
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On the other hand, you may also see that VPN providers with free or limited service restrict your bandwidth. When you use a free VPN while having an internet speed of 50 Mbit, your internet speed may drop to 3-5 Mbit. They offer limited bandwidth and at some points may also display their own advertisements on your browser. Of course, in addition to these limitations, your Ping time will increase and you may receive your DNS responses late. Because you are connecting to a very remote computer on a different continent. Naturally, there is a noticeable slowdown in VPN usage while surfing or gaming.

There are different types of VPN services that basically provide an encrypted tunnel. Although simple to use, some VPN services provide internet access over different protocols. This inter-protocol communication can sometimes cause errors and sometimes cause your VPN connection to be cut off suddenly upon high demand. Unless your security and privacy are suddenly disabled and you don’t realize your VPN connection is disconnected, you may be at risk.

You should also remember that VPN services only encrypt your internet traffic. There are many dangers on the Internet. Viruses, trojans, dangerous web pages or similar threats can also infect your computer with a file you download with VPN services or through a web page you enter.

We should also not forget about geographical barriers. Some web pages do not serve different countries or may restrict their services. In other words, from the moment you connect to the VPN, you may encounter restrictions applied to that country and you may experience problems.


Kingston HyperX Alloy Elite Review

Mechanical gaming keyboards are great for gaming, but often lack flexibility, making them a less enjoyable experience for everyday use. A glut of extra touches, extravagant designs, or loud key clicks can be unpleasant. Other models, while brilliant to look at, often lack comfort, resulting in painful daily use.


Kingston’s HyperX Alloy Elite meets all requirements for comfort and ease of use in gaming and typing, resulting in a fantastic gaming keyboard no matter what you do. canalisationengorgee

Quality features in construction and design

Soft keys

Robust, durable steel design

Simple design requiring no additional software

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The HyperX Alloy Elite features a strong, durable and heavy design with a strong steel frame. We found that the gaming keyboard didn’t budge on the desktop and had an obvious, sturdy design that could withstand hours of use and abuse. The top of the gaming keyboard also includes an additional USB 2.0 interface for peripherals (such as a mouse).

A thick braided cable allows it to be connected to the gaming machine and ensures that there are no friction or drag issues with the desktop.

On-the-fly configuration and key features

Adjusting lighting, game modes and

brightness buttons Dedicated multimedia and volume keys.

Unlike other gaming keyboards we’ve tested, HyperX Alloy Elite doesn’t use any software, so you don’t have to worry about downloading additional hardware to your computer or spending time creating profiles. This speaks to the simple design of the gaming keyboard.

HyperX Alloy Elite includes dedicated media keys and a volume wheel. It also includes keys to change lighting, game mode and a brightness button. There aren’t any macro keys here, so if that’s something you need from this gaming keyboard, it’s not for you. We found the additional keys perfectly suited for everyday use. Whether you’re posting to social media, playing games, or writing documents, HyperX Alloy Elite does it all with ease.


CNC Machines

What is CNC? What is CNC Machine Tools?
The manufacturing industry, which started with the industrial revolution, took off in the 1900s and the production industry reached its peak with the two world wars in the same century, and in the 2000s, it witnessed a modern, high-capacity and technological revolution with the active use of computer technologies.

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Almost all of the modern machines used in the manufacturing industry today have taken the pre-name of cnc and the productions have been started to be produced in series and with near-zero error margins. Today’s topic of our technical articles is what is cnc, we will focus on cnc machine tools and we will make an introduction to the cnc world

What is CNC
The word CNC means taking the initials of the English Computer Numerical Control word and abbreviation as CNC. The word cnc means Computerized Numerical Control in Turkish and it means the system in which machine tools (lathe, milling, drill…) can be operated and these processes can be controlled with the help of commands written (coded) according to a certain logic. Rome



Can the World That Previously Swallow Its ‘Super Ocean’ Do It Again?
The world was not always as we know it today. The continents have joined and separated many times. Earth, which previously swallowed its super ocean, has the potential to do so again.
The Earth’s surface is constantly changing. Although our lifetime is not enough to understand this change, continents and oceans are constantly moving and forming new geographical shapes. According to scientists, there are two different cycles that create these shapes.
Earth’s previous supercontinent, Rodinia, was very different from Pangea. The team led by Zheng-Xiang Li from Curtin University in Australia argues that shape changes in the earth’s crust occur in two different ways for review.
According to researchers, the Earth’s crust is renewed every two supercontinents. For the crust to change, a new super-ocean must emerge and a new ring of fire must emerge. The ring of fire here is a term that describes the region of volcanoes on the ocean floor where earthquakes occur frequently.
According to researchers, there are two ways of supercontinent formation. One of these ways is the introverted method and the other is the extrovert method. In the introvert method, there is a single continent and a single piece, a gigantic ocean surrounding it. The continents are then separated by a single inner ocean, and at some point, a ring of fire begins to form on the inner ocean floor. The ocean is beginning to be swallowed up by the planet in this ring of fire. The continents come together again and form a new supercontinent. The new supercontinent is surrounded by the old super ocean.

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In the extrovert method, both a new continent and a new ocean emerge. In this case, the supercontinent drifts, forming an inland ocean. This time, the water mass that started to disappear is not the inner ocean, but the super ocean. While the world is swallowing the super ocean, it is dragging the super continent from place to place. After a certain point, the supercontinent goes inside and out. While the areas that were once coastal areas move towards the interior of the continent, the interior areas of the shattered crust are now starting to form coasts. The body of water that was once an inland ocean forms the new superocean.
In their model, Li and his team studied continental and ocean movements over the past 2 billion years. According to their conclusion, two cycles continue on Earth. One of these cycles is the super ocean cycle, which lasts 1 billion years. The other is the supercontinent cycle, which lasted 600 million years.
Li and his team are studying the molecular structures of stones from various ages and trying to unravel the movements of the continents. Li believes the study of tectonic movements will greatly advance the team’s work.

The researchers’ work and their findings will be published in the April issue of the journal Precamrian Research.


Plastic injection and molding

Devoted extend supervisors and building specialists to communicate through all extend stages from plan to engenderment. We offer molding solutions for each industry, counting therapeutic infusion molding Injection molding is the foremost cost-efficacious way to form a plastic portion at scale and offers steady quality for low-to-high volume fabricating. Molding furthermore has the most noteworthy assortment of materials, colors, and setups when compared to cnc machining or indeed 3D Quality Plastic Infusion Molding Need molded components that are truly custom? You have got come to the correct put. We convey high-quality, on-demand infusion molding for prime examples and engenderment components. Üçelsan takes a “have it your way” approach to molding, no matter your caliber of encounter. We have practical experience in involute ventures, including those requiring side activity or hand stacked additions. istanbul plastik enjeksiyon kalıp imalatı  We specialize in involute ventures, counting those requiring side activity or hand stacked embeds. We convey superior grade, on-request infusion forming for models and engenderment parts. istanbul plastik enjeksiyon Our objective is to supply a long-term arrangement, moving past speedy prototyping, with  We offer embellishment answers for each industry, including clinical infusion shaping. Ruiskuvalu muotti hinta muottivalmistusmuovivalu muovin ruiskupuristus ruiskuvalu